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Halloween Extravaganza Day 6: Decorative Lacing Tutorial

Today, I’m bringing you a decorative lacing tutorial, perfect for adding a little drama to your wardrobe. We used it on our Waspie Corset pattern, but you can get creative with it. It’s perfect for pulling together a DIY Halloween look, or add lacing to everything in your closet––who are we to stop you? 

Halloween Extravaganza Day 5: Fabric Painting Tutorial (with Stencil Template)

Woman in a painted skirt

Are you ready for today’s ghastly adventure? Today, we’ll be showing you how to hand paint a skirt or garment of your choice. Perfect for adding that special touch to your costumes or a bit of couture to your day, I think you’ll find today’s tutorial to die for.

Halloween Extravaganza Day 4: Sew the Dagger Collar!

Wednesday Addams inspired dress

Trick or treat, sewists! Are you ready for another spine chilling project? Live out your darkest fantasies in our Dagger Collar—pair it with patterns in our library for a truly ghoulish ensemble.