Dorothy from Wizard of Oz Halloween Costume

Dorothy from Wizard of Oz Halloween Costume

Follow the yellow brick road to more Halloween Extravaganza fun with our creative hacks of the Patsy Blouse, Charm Circle Skirt, and Stanwyck Skirt bib to create this lovely Dorothy costume!  

We love taking our existing patterns and reusing them in fun new ways (like we did for our Wicked Witch of the West costume)! You might even have some of these elements already in your wardrobe…


Pattern Alterations

Shorten the balloon sleeve by 12 inches.

Create a band for the sleeve cuff by taking your bicep measurement and adding about 1/2 inch plus seam allowance. Cut 4 fabric and 2 interfacing.

Blouse Instructions

After the pattern alterations above, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  • Follow the Patsy Blouse instructions, but do not assemble the balloon sleeves or band collar.
  • Sew neckband and baste ricrac trim to the neckline seamline of the blouse so the top of the ricrac will peek out of the collar. Sew neckband to collar following pattern instructions.
  • Sew sleeve bands into rings and fold lengthwise. Baste raw edges together. Gather the lower edge of the sleeve so that it is exactly the circumference of the sleeve band. Baste ricrac on top of the gathers, centering over the seamline so that ricrac will peek out of the sleeve band. Sew into sleeve band to sleeve, matching underarm seam to sleeve band seam.

Skirt Instructions

  • Sew the Charm Circle Skirt as in the instructions, hemming the skirt to your desired length
  • Sew the Stanwyck bib and straps as in the instructions.
  • Create a bias band of fabric (ours was 1 1/2 inches plus seam allowances) and topstitch to skirt 5 inches above hem.
  • Add buttons on the inside of the waistband to attach the Stanwyck bib and straps to make the bib removable.

Love learning from video? Here’s a short reel to show you how it’s done!