Inspired by '60s Hawaiian sewing patterns, this is a fitted feminine dress with a flattering (and clever!) hidden belt for comfortable waist shaping. The dress is just as interesting from the back, with a waterfall of fabric flowing from your shoulders to the hemline.

Because we know you love to "choose your own sewing adventure," we've included two different lengths as well as two different sleeve options. It's a gorgeous dress for lounging by the pool or waltzing at a cocktail gala. No matter where you wear it, you'll be the focus of attention from all directions!

Not sure which size range to choose?

Here at Charm Patterns, our designs go through painstaking testing to make sure that each pattern fits every size in the chart beautifully. We have two size ranges, 2-20 and 18-34, with separate A-H cup sizes. Read more about the differences between the size ranges and how to pick the one right for you.


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