Wicked Witch Pin-Up Halloween Costume

Halloween Pin-Up Witch Costume from Charm Patterns.

Hello, my pretties! Our annual Halloween Extravaganza continues with more pattern hack ideas! For this Wicked Witch of the West look, I was inspired by classic pinup art like the sassy witches of Vargas and Gil Evgren. Of course, you can also go full Elphaba with green makeup and opaque black tights. Have it both ways!

Why not go a little flirty AND a little scary by mashing up some of our greatest hits from the Patreon archive? Keep reading to see how we achieved this look…

Halloween Pin-Up Witch Costume from Charm Patterns.


Halloween Pin-Up Witch Costume from Charm Patterns.

Frenchy Pattern Alterations

Add a thigh slit to the waist on the Frenchy Nightie along the left side (as worn).

All other elements follow the pattern instructions exactly. We used tubing made out of the robe chiffon for the neck ties.

Witch Hat Tutorial

Check out the full witch hat sewing tutorial here.

Broom Instructions

Costume brooms can be kind of lame and small, so we made our own!

  • We took apart three ornamental twig brooms, and reassembled the twigs around a mop handle
  • Tape twigs tightly into place with electrical tape. Trim twigs above the tape to their desired length. Wrap twine around the tape to hide it, and use colored pencil or a paint wash to distress the twine.

Hattie’s Hat and Wings Instructions

  • You’ll need felt, spray adhesive, elastic, and a very tolerant pet.
  • Measure your pet for a comfortable elastic length and size for the hat and wings. The hat should sit right between their ears with the elastic underneath the chin. The wings should sit at the shoulder blades with the elastic around their belly behind the front legs (or for less tolerant pets, attached to their collar).
  • Draw the hat and wing shapes by hand, proportionate to your pet. (Alternatively, you can buy readu-made wings!)
  • We used spray adhesive on all of our pieces because it leaves a lovely weathered texture, and used it to attach the red and yellow felt decorations to each other and to the blue hat. The blue hat was sewn following a very simplified version of the Wicked Witch hat tutorial.
  • Sew the elastic to the hat and wings, and adjust on your pet to fit. Remember lots of treats!


Halloween Pin-Up Witch Costume from Charm Patterns.


Halloween Pin-Up Witch Costume from Charm Patterns.