Pink Gingham Barbie Movie Costume

Pink gingham barbie costume dress sewing pattern

Hi, Barbie! We’re on day six of 13 for this year’s Halloween Extravaganza, and we’re celebrating one of our favorite movies of the year. For this Halloween Extravaganza costume, we take you straight to two of this summer’s Patreon patterns, the Barbara Bodice and the Millicent Skirt, to create the perfect dress for any Barbie fan!

Pink Gingham Barbie Costume dress

Follow the sewing pattern instructions in the Barbara Bodice (which include fabric recommendations for that gorgeous pink gingham!) and Millicent Skirt to create this classic look. We’ve even got a (free!) pattern for Barbie’s hair bow for you!

But what if you want to create Barbie’s pink gingham romper as shown in the movie? I’ve got a few ideas for you!

Pink Gingham Barbie Romper costume

Move the zipper from the center back to the left side on the Barbara Bodice, adjusting seam allowances as needed. The zipper will extend the entire length of the bodice.

Draw out the heart-shaped cutout on the Bodice Center Back pattern piece, and add seam allowances to the interior of the heart. Cut the bodice in pink gingham with a larger (1-inch) check. Apply interfacing to the entire Bodice Center Back fabric piece for stability and cut out the heart.

Sew the entire fabric bodice and lining bodices separately. Sew the fabric to the bodice to create the heart cutout, clipping/notching into the seam allowance of the fabric and lining as needed to maintain the shape. Attach the fabric to the lining around the neckline edge as in the instructions, leaving the Bodice Center Back panel unstitched. (Because of the heart, it will be easier to press under the seam allowances and sew this section by hand).

Redraft the waistline of the bloomers from the Frenchy Babydoll Expansion pattern, changing the gathers to darts that align with the bodice princess seams. Create the bloomers in a smaller (1/2-inch) check pink gingham, with an opening at the left side seam for the zipper. Do not attach elastic to the waistline.

Draft a one-quarter circle skirt to your desired length, leaving the back open and creating a scalloped hem. Sew the skirt in the larger gingham check, lining it in the same fabric. Sew the back waistline of the skirt to the lining, right sides together, to finish the back waistline edge. Add a hook-and-bar closure to the skirt pieces at center back waist

Stitch the bodice to the bloomers at the waistline, sandwiching the skirt in between. You only want to attach the skirt at the front waistline, ending at the side seam. The skirt will wrap around to the back, so do not attach the skirt back at the waistline.

Create two Barbie Bows. Attach one at the waistline center back and another at one of the waistline front princess seams. Now you’re ready for the beach!