Faux Smile Pocket Tutorial for the Patsy Blouse

Howdy everyone! I’m so excited to bring you my faux smile pockets tutorial – a quick and easy way to add some western flair to your Patsy Blouse. I love how quickly this transforms the whole feel of a garment – go from prim and proper to full Patsy Cline in just minutes! And best of all, there’s no huge supplies list – grab some cord and a scrap of leather, and you’re good to go! I’ve included a video tutorial as well as written instructions below!



  1. Trace smile pockets placement line from Patsy Blouse center front piece onto your garment.
  2. Cut four pieces of cording the length of the smile pocket lines.
  3. Line up one cord below one smile pocket placement line and zigzag stitch cord in place by machine or hand-sew cord in place with a couching stitch. 
  4. Repeat with a second piece of cord above the placement line. 
  5. Make a triangle template with sturdy cardstock that is roughly ⅝” wide and long.
  6. Trace around the template onto a scrap of leather or suede.
  7. Cut template 4 times out of leather and position one at each end of cord “smiles”, overlapping cord ends by ⅛”, and edgestitch around triangles. 

I can’t wait to see how you wear your Faux Smile Pockets. Happy sewing!

Xoxo, Gertie

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  1. Pal K says:

    Thank you Thank you
    In Threads #103, they had an article about “Cowboy” embroidery-including the smile pocket- I never had the courage to try the pockets but this is even better!

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