Introducing Camp Gertie Spoonflower Fabric Designs

Exciting news! Our very first Spoonflower fabric line is here! We're so excited to be presenting a collection of fabrics inspired by our Patreon community, and all of the fun we've had with the Camp Gertie theme this year! We had this lovely art designed by the incredibly talented Sue Cadzow (@50s_vintage_dame on instagram!)

One really important thing to note is that different fabrics will have different widths, which will impact how much yardage you need to buy. Here's a run down on the fabric designs, and our suggestions for how to use them!

Border Prints

Our spin on '50s border prints with a beautiful Camp Gertie scene! These are inspired by vintage paint by numbers; the more you look, the more details you find! We worked a lot on the scale of the artwork — we wanted a sweeping skyline and beautiful trees. If you look closely, you’ll spot a vintage pink Shasta and woodland animals frolicking through the woods! We’ve given you your choice of two beautiful colorways: one is sunset inspired and the other is a sunny sky blue.

Gertie used 6 yards of Cotton Sateen in the blue colorway.

Want more instruction for using border prints? Check out this tutorial for using border print fabrics in the Scout Dress pattern available on Patreon.

You can also easily use border prints in our free Picnic Skirt pattern.

Allover Yardage

We took direct inspiration from some rare vintage Girl Scout fabric! We’ve included all of your favorite Charm Scouts and some of our favorite camping scenes. Plus, you can show off the badges you’ve earned so far! Opt for our vintage white layout or a more modern colorway!

Note that we provided options running both lengthwise and widthwise to give you flexibility for different garments and patterns. Here’s some recommendations for each type.

Widthwise Designs

These designs are oriented in the widthwise direction, meaning that the prints are perpendicular to the selvage. These are the best choice for smaller projects since you can only cut a piece as wide as the width of the fabric from selvage from selvage. If you want to cut long pieces (ie. for a gathered full skirt) without piecing, choose the separate listings with the Lengthwise Direction.

Lengthwise Designs

These are printed in the lengthwise direction, meaning that the prints are parallel to the selvage. These are the best choice for garments with large pattern pieces (ie. for a gathered full skirt) since you will be able to cut a continuous length along the selvage without piecing. If you would prefer your print to be oriented in the widthwise direction (perpendicular to the selvage, great for smaller pieces), choose the separate listings with the Widthwise Direction.

Our free Picnic Skirt pattern also works well with lengthwise fabric designs.

For Melisha's sleeveless Scout Dress (shown above), we used 8 yards of Petal Cotton in the Vintage Charm Scout Allover Print - Lengthwise Direction.

Hair scarves + fun extras

Because bandanas and scarves were so widely used in vintage scouting looks, we wanted to create our own! These are designed to be cut out and hemmed around the edges, so one yard will get you a 36 inch scarf to cover your curlers or make a sassy neckerchief. You’ll also get our Charm Scouts along the side — perfect for appliqué projects!

Hanky Prints

This design is a smaller, 21 x 21 inch block that when cut out by itself, could be hemmed to make a child-size bandana or dog-size neckerchief (Hattie approved!). And because it alternates in pink and green lengthwise on fabric, this design would also work perfectly as a full gathered skirt.