Halloween Extravaganza Day 11: Elvira Hack

Elvira inspired dress

For Day 11 of the Charm Halloween Extravaganza, we’re bringing a little extra sizzle  to your Halloween plans! Meet the Elvira Gown–– featuring a plunging neckline and a vampy slitted skirt, it’s the perfect sultry twist on the Morticia Gown. With this project, I experimented with using a separator wire to keep the neckline from splaying and it worked like a charm! 

This one comes together in a flash, so it’s just perfect as a last minute Halloween costume (you slackers!). With so many spins on the Morticia, we’ll be keeping you very busy–– get your ghoul gang together and make one of each!


Tips and tricks:

  • Lengthen the main Bryant Gown pieces (1, 2, and 3) so they are floor length, tapering to a narrowed hem. I used the hip length adjustment line as a starting point and added 27" to mine.

  • Leave a slit on the left princess seam (as high as you dare!) and trim away the seam allowances on the slit.

  • I cut my back dress piece on the fold (eliminating the back seam allowance).

  • I narrowed the Morticia sleeve to a slim bell shape and smoothed out the batwing shape at the hem. I created tatters in the sleeve hem by cutting with shears before sewing the underarm seams.

  • Leave all hem and sleeve edges raw.

  • Remove the seam allowances from the dress front and back neckline. Using a separator wire, trace the shape of the wire onto the dress neckline. I made mine plunge almost to the waist in true Elvira style! Trim away the neckline, following your tracing.

  • Finish the neckline by binding; I used a lightweight black jersey (as the neoprene would get too bulky). Cut a 1-inch wide strip of jersey that is as long as the neckline. Stitch the strip to the neckline using a ¼-inch seam allowance. Flip the binding to the inside of the neckline and secure it by stitching in the ditch, leaving an opening to insert your separator wire.

  • Insert your separator wire into the opening and close the opening. You can shape your separator wire to make the neckline more open--if you dare!

  • To get Elvira’s cleavage, try boob tape or a frontless bra! You can also use contouring and highlighting to accentuate your assets. Use double sided tape to hold the neckline in place and prevent wardrobe malfunctions!

Hope you love this quick and easy Halloween sewing project!