A Christmas Gift to You: Free DOUBLE Circle Skirt Pattern!

You’ve seen our Charm Circle Skirt, but we wanted to take it further with the fullest, most fabulous ’50s circle skirt ever! When nothing else will do, this DOUBLE circle skirt adds a dramatic flair to your wardrobe. True to the name, a double circle skirt has two full circles of fabric (one in the front and one in the back), yielding a truly extravagant skirt. It’s a fabulous separate when sewed with the included waistband, or pairs beautifully with the Liz, Lamour, Landis, and Mariner bodices for an over-the-top, opulent look. This skirt pattern is sized in women’s US 2–20 and 18–34. You can find the coordinating turtleneck and Judy Vest pattern by subscribing to our Patreon. 

Want some visual sewing help? My YouTube tutorial was made for our Circle Skirt Pattern, but the steps are very similar for the Double Circle Skirt. The only difference is the extra fullness and center front seam!

Get your free double circle skirt pattern here!



Photo credits: Lucy La Riot