Jane Set Sew-Along #4: Common Fit Adjustments

Now that you’ve taken your measurements and picked a size, it’s time to make any preliminary adjustments to your pattern. Here’s a video about some of the most common adjustments, including waist width and crotch length.

If you have any questions about adjustments, definitely make use of the Facebook group! It’s a great place to get feedback on fit issues.

After you’ve made any fit adjustments, you’ll want to make a muslin. The most important thing to remember is to make your muslin out of a fabric with the same amount of stretch as your outer fabric. When constructing your muslin, use a long machine stitch. The bra may be omitted for your test version. Baste in a 14-inch zipper and pin on ribbon to mimic straps and test strap length.

Try on your muslin to assess the fit. There’s a list of common fit questions in the Jane booklet. And definitely take pictures of your muslin to share in the Facebook group if you’d like fit feedback!