Holiday Corsage or Hair Flower

Free Christmas corsage tutorial from Charm Patterns

This is such a simple project that can make any outfit feel special for the holidays!

Recently, as a break from spending time in the studio, we all took a trip to our local craft store and browsed the aisles for fun and festive supplies. We gathered a pile of our favorites and took them back to the studio for some play time.

I wanted a simple vintage-inspired corsage that could spice up my Santa Baby holiday outfit, but this tutorial works equally well to create a hair flower, wrist corsage, or even a small broach. I used this vintage corsage from my collection as my inspiration.

Free Christmas corsage tutorial from Charm Patterns


  • 3/8 in wide ribbon
  • 1/2 in wide green floral tape
  • floral or craft wire
  • pin bar backing (for a corsage or small broach) or a metal hair clip or comb (for a hair flower)
  • decorations: pine cones, mini ornaments/bells, and berries (these are sold at craft stores on sticks, and can be cut off individually with wire cutters)
  • hot glue gun

Corsage Construction

There’s honestly no right or wrong way to do this! I suggest first looking on Pinterest or elsewhere for a shape, size, and style of corsage or hair flower that you want to use as inspiration.

Cut your greenery and items to size and play with the number and placement of the decorations. Shape your ribbon into a pretty bow or floof, if desired. Use the craft wire and/or the hot glue gun to assemble the decorations.

Once you are happy with the general design, use the floral tape, craft wire, and hot glue gun as needed to hold everything together. If you want a stem on your corsage (as in the image below), then wrap the ends of your greenery and wire in green floral tape.

When everything is beautiful and secure, use the hot glue gun to add the corsage bar pin or hair clip to the back.

Happy holidays from Charm Patterns!

Santa Baby costume outfit from Charm Patterns by Gertie.