Halloween Extravaganza Day 9: Lily Munster Neckline Hack

DIY Lily Munster Dress

I’ve got a few more treats in store for you! Today, I bring you a deviously simple neckline hack to transform your Morticia Gown into something befitting the glamour queen herself, Lily Munster. Why choose between Morticia and Lily when you can be both? (For diehard fans of the Munsters, you might recognize that this v-neckline is reminiscent of the gown that Lily wears in the episode "Herman Becomes Human" while the sleeves are her signature batwing shape.) 

Opt for a rose lilac neoprene and a touch of lace detailing, and watch the gown transform into something entirely new. Alchemy, perhaps? We also added a bat necklace that is a perfect match for Lily's, as well as a tasseled waist tie