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Introducing the New Size Range for Charm Patterns and Patreon

Charm Patterns Sizing Update

Fit has always been central to this work –– it’s so important to us that everyone can feel their absolute best in our patterns. Our current size range of sizes 2-20 with separate A-H cup sizes goes through painstaking testing to make sure that it fits every size in the chart beautifully. To serve even more vintage sewing enthusiasts, we have now created a new size range, in sizes 18-34 with cup sizes A-H. This new range will go up to a 64 inch bust, 56 inch waist and 64 inch hip. 

Charm Patterns and Size Inclusivity

There have been many discussions lately about indie pattern sizing, and I wanted to update you on what I have been working on behind the scenes to improve our inclusivity. Much of this I hoped to keep under wraps until I had concrete results and plans to share with you, but it is clear that […]