SewRena Collection of patterns

SewRena Collection of sewing patterns from Charm Patterns.

SewRena Collection of sewing patterns from Charm Patterns.The SewRena Collection was inspired by my love of versatility and creativity. I admired how styles from the past included interchangeable accessories like collars, dickies and cuffs to give staple wardrobe pieces new life. I also appreciate how simple these pieces can be so that the creator can go in and customize these pieces and flex their skills, from trim, decorative stitching, embroidery and hand embellishments to give a very unique and personalized touch. xoxo, Serena

It’s so fun working with guest artists to design for the Charm community, and this month has been no exception! Serena really knocked it out of the park with the SewRena Collection by creating a mix-and-match set to expand the Carousel Dress. This collection includes a second sleeve option, with removable cuffs, collar, and dickey. One dress, so many different looks!xoxo, Gertie  

This pattern was originally published on Patreon on August 15, 2022.

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