Ginger Sailor Pants pattern

Ginger Sailor Pants

Ginger Sailor Pants from Charm Patterns.

Meet the Ginger Sailor Pants! For this design, I was inspired by none other than fashion icon Ginger Rogers. The singer/dancer/actress rose to fame in the 1930s, staring in over 70 films over her four-decade career. While your first thought of Ginger may be of her  floating over the dance floor in a silk gown, her casual styles continue to influence fashion today. Fred Astaire even said of her, “Girls love to wear slacks when learning or rehearsing a dance. Ginger always wore them for rehearsal. In fact,…I [was] so used to seeing Ginger on the rehearsal stage in slacks that one day when she showed up in a dress, we didn’t know who she was.”

These classic sailor pants are a year-round staple. We know you love having different options, so we created a traditional version with a functional front flap as well as an easy zip-up-the-back style that pairs perfectly with the Lamour, Landis, Liz, and other Charm bodices to create a sublime nautical-style jumpsuit or romper. There are so many possibilities! xoxo, Gertie  

This pattern was originally published on Patreon on July 1, 2022.

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