Artist Apron Dress pattern

Meet the Artist Apron Dress! For this design, I was envisioning something a fabulous lady artist in the ’50s might wear— but of course, I wanted it to be super versatile, too. Not only can you make a lovely apron-style dress for layering, you can also sew the sweetest wrap sundress ever. 

We’ve given you lots of options to make this your own. Make a short version to wear over the Audrey Cigarette Pants and a Barbie Top, or make the full-length version to wear as a pinafore dress over a blouse. We loved creating a carpenter version in waxed cotton, complete with a bib pocket and divided pockets on the skirt that will fit all your tools and paint brushes. Feeling a little flirtier? Make the sundress version and show some skin! Add the optional ruffle to the skirt for a summery pastoral look. 

I hope you love sewing the Artist Apron Dress! 

xoxo, Gertie

This pattern was originally published on Patreon on May 1, 2022.


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