Announcing the B6556 Dress Sew-Along!

Yay! I’m thrilled to announce that a new Sew-Along is starting up. We’ll be sewing my dress pattern B6556 from start to finish. You can sew either view you like, with short sleeves or sleeveless. I will cover steps for both.

To join the sew-along, you can either just follow along here or you can join the special Facebook Group. Joining the Facebook Group is certainly not necessary, but I will say that the community that flourishes in these groups is astounding. (Did you know that my last dress sew-along group has 7,700 members and is still going strong?) The benefit of having the group is that you can post your own pictures, ask for fitting advice, and show off your finished results! But don’t sweat it if Facebook isn’t your thing. (I will also be updating Instagram regularly as usual, so that’s another way to get connected.)

Here is the rough schedule:

Week of June 25: Supplies and Prep, Making a Bodice Muslin, Common Fit Adjustments
Week of July 2: Cutting out, Steps 1-17 (Bodice)
Week of July 9: Steps 18-25 (Skirt)
Week of July 16: Steps 26-29 (Zipper and Finishing)

Please keep in mind that you can sew ahead if you like, or take your time and catch up on posts later. Go at your own pace!

I really hope you’ll join in the fun!