Announcing the Jane Set Sew-Along

I’m thrilled to announce a new sew-along! We’ll be sewing the Charm Patterns Jane Set pattern from start to finish. This Ceeb of Miami inspired design will have you ready for spring (and we’ll finish just in time for Viva Las Vegas!). If you’ve ever wanted an authentically-made rockabilly jumpsuit, this is the sew-along for you. Though this pattern has many outfit options (48 to be exact), we will be sewing the jumpsuit version together. (Once you master the jumpsuit you can sew all the other 47 options!) If you don’t already have the pattern you can purchase it here. Use special discount code JANESEWALONG for 15% off (valid until March 16th). The code is applicable to print and pdf patterns.

1950s Ceeb of Miami Jumpsuits. The Jane Set jumpsuit is based on my research and studying of an original Ceeb jumpsuit.

To join the sew-along, you can either just follow along here or you can join the special Facebook Group. Joining the Facebook Group is certainly not necessary, but I will say that the community that flourishes in these groups is astounding. The benefit of having the group is that you can post your own pictures, ask for fitting advice, and show off your finished results! But don’t sweat it if Facebook isn’t your thing. (I will also be updating Instagram regularly as usual, so that’s another way to get connected.)

Sew-Along Schedule

Please note that this is a rough schedule!

Week of March 11th: Fabric Recommendations and Supplies

Week of March 18th: Prep, Making a Bodice Muslin, Common Fit Adjustments

Week of March 25: Cutting out, Bodice Front

Week of April 1: Bodice Back

Week of April 8: Pants, Waist Seam, Zipper

Week of April 15: Hemming and straps

Please keep in mind that you can sew ahead if you like, or take your time and catch up on posts later. Go at your own pace!

I really hope you’ll join in the jumpsuit fun. For now, all you need to do is make sure you have your pattern and join the Facebook group if you like.

The Jane Set envelope cover

FAQ about Sew-Alongs and the Jane Set

  • What’s a sew-along? A sew-along is a social media event involving a group of people sewing the same pattern, design, or working within a specific design theme. The sew-along leader provides written content, photos, social media posts, and/or video to help you participate. In my sew-alongs, I post step-by-step details to help you successfully sew one of my patterns.
  • How do I join? Join the Facebook group, follow on Instagram, or just read the posts here.
  • What sewing level do I need to be? This pattern is intermediate and uses specialty materials like spiral steel boning. It may be overwhelming for a beginner–but if you’re adventurous, it may be just the kind of support you need to further your skills!
  • Will I get fitting help? There will be posts devoted to tricky fitting topics, and we try to address questions when we can. The best way to get fast, personal fitting advice is to join the private Facebook group and post your question there.
  • Do I have to use this pattern? The steps and construction are specific to this pattern, so it is recommended that you do. Please do not post other patterns in the Facebook group, as it can get confusing when several designs are used.
  • What fabric should I use? Where do I get a certain supply? Please see the fabric and supplies post, coming Monday 3/11. Please also read “Fabric Notes” (page 8 in the Jane Set instruction booklet). If you have questions about where to get a specific fabric or supply in your country, the Facebook group is a great resource.
  • Do I have to use stretch fabric? Yes! This pattern will not fit correctly without stretch.
  • Can I use a knit fabric? Knits are not recommended. Use a stretch woven with at least 25% stretch, meaning that you can take a 4-inch piece of fabric and stretch it to 5 inches.
  • Do I have to use steel boning? It is recommended that you do if possible. I will post a list of sources.
  • I’m an A cup, can I use this pattern? Yes! You will probably need to take in the princess seams, so be prepared to make some pattern changes.
  • I’m an H cup, can I use this pattern? Yes! The DD can fit up to an H cup bra, so you may not need to do any fitting changes. Keep in mind that you may need to do a princess seam FBA depending on your shape and size.